Multiple Test modes

We provide practice questions that closely follow exam objectives and are designed to simulate real exam conditions. It has three modes: Learn, Test, and Review.

Learn Mode: You can attempt the questions with immediate feedback. You will get the explanation of the questions promptly and understand the question content without generating a score report.

Test Mode: You are required to attempt and answer the questions under the exam conditions. You will get to know the answers only after ending the test. This helps in better understanding of the subject and hence a better learning outcome.

Review Mode: You can attempt it after taking the test to improve your score. It compares answer options earlier selected in the test mode and provides the access to question explanations.

Hint: This feature is available in our Maths courses to provide you the clue to the right answer. If you have the doubts regarding a particular question, you can get the hint and it will become easier for you to solve the problem.